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Wang Fei, 47, sheep farmer from Tongjijuan village, Yanchi county

In 2011, I sustained injuries to my waist after a serious fall while working at a construction site. As a result, I cannot do heavy work anymore.

At the time, I had an aging mother and two young children to support. I knew I could not give up, but I didn"t have the money to start a business.

Then I learned about the Chengxin Daikuan, or "Good Faith Loan", program, rolled out by the village authorities. It loans money to farmers who want to raise Tan sheep.

In 2014, I received 30,000 yuan and bought 30 sheep, which kick-started my journey out of poverty.

The interest rate is no lower than for a commercial loan, but at the time it was impossible for a pinkunhu (a registered poor household) like mine to obtain a bank loan.

Through the program, the county government stood as the guarantor for the loan, and I received the much-needed funds. After four years of hard work, I have almost paid off the debt.

Last year, I received another 100,000 yuan ($14,800) from the village, and bought 100 sheep. Now I am the county"s biggest supplier of lamb. In 2018, I earned 160,000 yuan.

Without the original loan, though, I wouldn"t even be able to dream of the life I have now.

Wang Fei spoke with Li Lei and Hu Dongmei.

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